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Uber Forced to Pull Out of Calgary

Canadian provinces seem to be going one of two ways. Some are slowly starting to adopt Uber, while others are ramping up efforts to dismiss the ride-sharing service from their municipalities. Edmonton voted to legalize the service, Vancouver has managed to keep Uber from the city entirely, while Calgary became one of the few to kick Uber out this week.
Uber Calgary
The city voted on a new bylaw that Uber said would mean the company leaving the province if the law was enacted. The Calgary city council made the vote and the result of 14-1 in favor of the bylaw meant that Uber will keep its promise and will stop operating in the city.

Uber’s general manager for Alberta, Ramit Kar, called it a “really unfortunate day” and said drivers working for the company are the victims, confirming that the company simply cannot operate in the province anymore.

Coun. Evan Woolley was the only one to vote against the bylaw, and he says the city was very close to coming up with a workable solution that could have meant Uber becoming legal in the city. Instead a solution could not be worked, and Woolley states:

“I think the regulation changes and the new bylaw gets us 90 per cent there,” Woolley said Tuesday. “There were a couple of really critical touch points and I made attempts to amend the bylaw and deal with those and it didn’t pass.”

Woolley adds that Uber leaves the city because the bylaw simply places too many restrictions on ride-sharing services, but he said he will continue to press for an amendment to the bylaw. However, he also thinks the company will be willing to re-enter negotiations with the council and is unlikely to pull out of the market entirely.

“It doesn’t matter what bylaws we put in place, if drivers don’t sign up to be a driver or to use this system, it doesn’t matter,” Woolley said. “If the barriers are too great then people won’t join.”