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Nova Scotia Latest to Consider Uber Regulations

Cities around Canada are warming to the idea that Uber can provide an economical boost, even though actually integrating and regulating the company has remained elusive nationwide. The latest to explore the prospect of Uber and other sharing companies such Airbnb, is Nova Scotia.
The word out of Halifax is that the province is ready to think about adopting Uber, although a review of the company and how it can be worked into current legislature will happen first. It is a stark contrast to Uber’s arrival in Canada, which was met with cities largely attempting to oust the U.S. ride-sharing provider. More recently, cities are considering the economic benefits of sharing companies and are looking for ways to work with them.

Nova Scotia describes Uber as a disruptive technology, but the province is considering whether to regulate the company or not. Tourism CEO Martha Stevens told the legislature committee this week that the government will first review the impact sharing companies will have on the economy. She stressed that while Uber is on the agenda, the province is putting the emphasis on Airbnb.

“Our work has just really started … and we don’t want to presume there will be further regulation,” said Stevens.

“It’s still only early days, but we want to make sure we’re doing the right things for visitors to Nova Scotia, but also for businesses that are operating here today.

“This is not going away, and we want to understand and enhance some of the new technologies because consumers are demanding it.”

Uber has struggled to reach terms with local governments around the country about how it should be regulated, and has been forced to leave some markets, while still operating illegally in others. Last month, Aviva Canada launched an auto insurance policy that covers ride-sharing operatives in Ontario, with expansion around the country likely during the coming months.